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Our rules

Purpose of is to find properties for rent from owners. Registered users can post ads of renting apartments, rooms and other real estate in Russia. Unregistered visitors can use specific criteria to find appropriate offers. Everybody can place ads absolutely free.

It is forbidden

  1. It is forbidden to place ads about information services that help to find flats. It is forbidden to place false ads that break the rules.
  2. It is forbidden to place ads in capital letters or to use any graphic symbols and characters (for example, several exclamation marks in a row).
  3. It is forbidden to repeat ads. There is a special feature “To refresh date” (section “My ads”) to update the relevance of your advert.
  4. It is forbidden to register agent under the guise of the proprietor.
  5. It is forbidden to place photos that don't belong to the object of rent (photos with watermarks of other resources, another’s photos, and any improper images).
  6. It is forbidden to advertise any resources in ads. It is forbidden to post links to your advert that is located on another website.
  7. It is forbidden to post false information about the object of rent, to underestimate the cost of rent, or to impart untrue personal information.
  8. It is forbidden to register many accounts (more than one) by the same person.
  9. It is forbidden to place ads that are not related to rent. Adverts about selling an apartment or buying a house don’t refer to the subject of our site.
  10.  It is forbidden to place ads by means of special programs for mass mailing of adverts.

It is not recommended

  1.  It is not recommended to duplicate fields “Name”, “Phone number” in the text of your announcement. Moderator can reject such ads.
  2.  It is not recommended to register many accounts for one agency. It's desirable to have one account for every company.

Moderator has the right

  1.  Moderator has the right to remove ads (that break the rules) or any other adverts without notifying the user.
  2.  Moderator has the right to remove VIP-ads if such announcements break the rules of our website or they violate Russian laws. Moderator removes such adverts without refund and without notifying the user.
  3.  Moderator has the right not to explain the reasons of removing ads.

P.S. All the measures on removing adverts are connected with desire to improve the quality of our base of announcements. We do this in order to weed out fraudulent ads or adverts of persons who provide “information” services.

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